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Chicago, IL
Consistently delicious. Definitely our favorite choice for Middle Eastern, one of our favorites in general.


Chicago, IL
This was our second time ordering and both times were on time, a tremendous amount of food for the price and absolutely delicious! Also, we ordered Tabouli, but since after it was already rung up, they did not charge. While it wasn't on the receipt and wasn't included in the food delivered, the driver came back 15 minutes later to drop it off and we didn't even call to say it was missing. Impressive Customer Service! You have new devoted customers and we will spread the word! Thank you for the quality and quantity of food...truly amazing!

Greg G

Chicago Il
What do you call a restaurant that you have eaten at over 400 times without a bad meal ever? PERFECT!!! Ive been eating at Noon O Kabob for the past 13 years! Can't get enough of it. And now that the new location in 016 at Elston and Milwaukee is open.... I can order it more often!! Tx Mir.


This is the best Persian food I have ever had. You have to visit the place if you are in Chicago. The owner was awesome and Staff is also friendly. I would go back to Chicago just to eat there again!!!


Bloomington, IL
I heard about this kabab place that was "the best place for kababs" so I had to try it out. On my way to Milwaukee from Bloomington, I took a 10 min. detour off I94 and let me tell you...my friends were right! This is the best kabab joint you'll find!! We've traveled the world and I must say...I will be making pit stops each time I travel throuh Chicago! I had a ribeye, a chicken, and a shrimp kabab. The shrimp seemed a little overdone, but the flavor was amazing! I can't wait to return!


One of the best places to eat in Chicago. I love this place more than any other restaurants.


Columbus, Ohio
Best Persian food in the Midwest area.Fresh and delicious. Friendly service and staff. My family and I love this place and highly receommend it


Chicago, IL
This place is so great. Every time we order from here it's amazing. Food is fresh, arrives on time; someone on the staff will call if there is a problem or a question. Always money well spent.


Chicago, IL
I love this place! I've only had delivery and its wonderful. This is my go-to restaurant when I've had a tough day because I know it will be great (and I deserve it). I recommend the Chenjeh with dill rice. mmmm...


I was born and raised in Iran and have a mother who is the best cook. So my standards for Persian food are quite high. This place is great, the food is authentic and their spices come from Iran, what more can you ask for. I recommend going with a big group ordering a variety of entrees and sharing to get the full experience.

renee horlock

1373 e baronet ln palatine il
Best restaurant on tpwn for Persian food!

Danielle Cataxinos

Chicago, IL
Incredible food and healthy!

Sarah & Bobby

Chicago, IL
I LUV this place. I am Persian myself and my husband is an American and we both are addicted to this place. We also had our wedding dinner from Noon o Kabob and hands down all our guests said that was the best wedding dinner they've ever had, except one person and he said that's the second best ;) Even now that we don't have a car and we have to commute for about an hour, we still make sure to come at least once a month. Food is fresh and very authentic. My husband're favorite is Fessenjoon (which I just ordered YUM) and they use real pomegranate sauce, unlike some places that seem to use ketchup! Food is delicious, ambiance is beautiful, and people are great. I've been coming to noon o kabob for 10 years now and never get tired of this place! I just wish they would come to downtown :) I have a perfect place for them! So Thank you for bringing the best authentic Persian food for all Iranian who miss it and for everyone else who loves good food!

Mike McLoughlin

Chicago, Il
My Daughter, son in law and my 3 granddaughters visited me from out of town over the July 4th weekend. Because they were only in for a few days, and because of all the people (23) wanting to see them, I had a back yard party on July 5th. When I started planning it I normally thought I would have to cook all the food myself. Well that’s when I thought it might be nice to have it catered so I could spend the time enjoying my grandkids. Well the first place I thought of was Noon O Kabab. This is because it has the perfect food for an informal gathering. I also knew that every time I go to eat at Noon O Kabab the food was always cooked perfectly, tastes great, always have big portions and is made with quality ingredients. I ordered the chicken and koubideh kababs, the dill rice, some hummus, baba ghannouj appetizers. The kababs also came with all the extras that you get at the restaurant – pita, onions, feta, parsley, grilled tomatoes, onions and green pepper. It was all delivered hot – not over cooked - right on time and was at a very reasonable price. Everyone there raved about everything. How tasty the kababs were, that the dill rice was delicious and what wonderful appetizers. I had many tell me it was the best kababs and hummus they ever had. I even received a thank you letter that mentioned their food. Well it’s the smartest thing I’ve done in a while. I highly recommend either stopping by to eat or having your next party or event catered by Noon O Kabab. Thanks to the staff for a job well done.


Chicago, Il
I'm addicted to this place. Everything is so fresh and delicious. I order on line and they always get my order right and sometimes even give me a little extra surprise. I was in love with the kabobs and dill rice...and then I ordered the Wrap. This could be my new favorite. I just can't choose because everything I have had is so good. I could eat here everyday!!

Kambiz Farzin

San Diego, CA.
This is by far the classiest Persian restaurant I have ever seen outside Iran. The place is so tastefully decorated and the food is so great that even Los Angeles Persian restaurants could not compare to it. The owners are all family members and very friendly and treat you like a guest in their house. Everything on the menu is delicious as it is made more like homemade food, my favorite of all time is Joojeh Kabob. I would make a trip to Chicago just to dine there. I can not wait to visit Chicago again and dine there. A great place to impress business/corproate clients.

masako nagh

Food is always fresh,and the service is fast,i love the decor


Chicago, IL
This is my family's favorite place to eat. It's officially our Birthday celebration destination. My mom turned 81 today and we did carry out. The food was just as phenomenal as dine-in. The uncompromising use of the freshest ingredients shines through in every dish. Their dedication to authenticity is a generous gift to our city. My family recommends you try one of everything. You won't be disappointed!


Chicago, IL
We love Noon O Kabab! My husband and I split one of the combination plates at least once a week! We highly recommend anything on the menu!


Chicago Il
Delicious food, I love the rice, chicken and Baba Ghannouj. Excellent food. One of the best Persian Restaurants in Chicago, Noon O Kabab.


Hoffman estates, IL
Great food. Bademjan, Rice, and chicken kabobs were great. Also loved Zulbia, very similar to Jalebi which is the Indian sweet, don't know which one is the original.


Tampa, Florida
One of my favorite places to eat in Chicago. I love to eat in Ethnic restaurants, and to be brutally honest, I miss this place more than Romanian restaurants. Yes, I am Romanian and I lived in Chicago for 15 years.

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